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Production Blog

Virtual Active Behind the Scenes - New Zealand and Australia

Posted by Ruben Grijalva on June 07, 2012 (6 Comments)
It's the question we're most often asked: how do you do that? To answer, we've begun documenting our trips, so that you can get a better idea of what these technically and physically demanding productions entail.  We invite you to enjoy our first Behind the Scenes featurette, captured during our recent visit to New Zealand and Sydney, Australia.

Comments (6 Comments)

I absolutely love the videos! They make running much more tolerable. I used to wonder why some of the people in videos would give silly looks and move out of the way: camera is pretty intricately mounted. You must be in great shape. Thank you for your ingenuity.

Posted by Maraea Fluker on July 06, 2014

love love love the product. I’m transported to places I love and would love to visit, all while feeling energized and healthy. Thank you for bringing this to my world.

Posted by teresa on June 26, 2014

How do you describe a company whose products exceed any reasonable expectation? VA has truly exceeded the expectations of myself and my family. The videos are professional, interesting, fun and allow you to feel as if you have been transported to some place around the world.

Johnny, is an outstanding trainer and we have 2 of the 3 series for hiking and running. Johnny has made our efforts to get back into shape and sustain a healthy lifestyle much easier than any other programs we have invested in.

The customer service has been phenomenal to say the least. We will be customers for life and we frequently tell people to go to the website and make a purchase.

Posted by Thomas McGinnis on August 15, 2013

Thank you so much for your ingenious idea and hard work producing your Virtual Active series. I was able to have the inspiration to get back on my bike and ride indoors throughout the winter. Because of your videos I am returning to the healthy person I once was. You’ve change my life and got me out of my rut. Nothing better than being drenched in sweat after each and every ride.
Keep up the great work!!
Thank you!

Posted by C. Brucken on June 25, 2012

Thank you for your work. My time on the treadmill is so much more enjoyable when I watch your videos on my Ipad while walking. Please keep up the good work and continue to take us to places that we can only dream of or see in person during once a year vacations. I feel like I’m on vacations everyday with your videos. Again, thank you!!!!

Posted by T.Krumm on June 13, 2012

What beautiful work you do. It’s amazing. I recently met your work through the blog and website. I’ve bought several movies. I am impressed with the end result you get. It was very good in this latest video blog, which really shows the work and effort needed to produce the videos. I had no idea it was so tiring and laborious. Congratulations on your persistence.
I have particular interest in their commercial productions. But we can talk via email.
Here is my invitation to meet Brazil. Beautiful landscapes. Where I live, near the south of Bahia, existing landscapes that fit precisely into the wonderful work of yours.
My house is available to receive them.


Rene Campos

Posted by Rene Campos on June 08, 2012

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