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Introducing Advanced Cycle

Posted by Ruben Grijalva on April 01, 2011 (0 Comments)

Virtual Active is pleased to announce our latest home DVD series: Advanced Cycle.  The Advanced Cycle Series is the product of a collaboration between Virtual Active and Indoor Cycling Group, the world leader in cycle-based fitness.  The series combines Virtual Active’s stunning outdoor footage with Indoor Cycling Group’s cutting-edge personal training, giving you a focused, intense workout with an inspiring atmosphere.  It is intended for use with an indoor cycle that permits standing ride positions.

Advanced Cycle workouts are forty minutes long and comprise ten stages.  Each disc includes both a guided and a basic workout, so you can choose whether to ride with an instructor or enjoy the scenery on your own.  The inaugural series includes four regionally themed programs: American Northeast, American Southwest, Northern Rockies, and Wild California. This diverse set of roads and trails will take you on a ride across America, from the rolling coast of California to the rocky shores of Maine. You can purchase each disc individually, or buy the entire pack for a discount.

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