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Virtual Active App launches for iPad and iPhone

Posted by Ruben Grijalva on December 14, 2011 (0 Comments)

Virtual Active has teamed up with San Francisco-based Bit Gym to produce a new Virtual Active experience, designed explicitly for Apple iOS devices, such as the iPad.  The app includes speed-interactivity, meaning the faster you run, the faster the video plays back, and the faster you reach the top of the mountain.  Want to slow down to check out some scenic detail?  Slow your pace and the video will slow down with you.  Need to take a break?  Stop running and the video will stop and wait patiently for you to proceed.  The team at Bit Gym has done a great job implementing this technology.

This new app, dubbed Virtual Active: Bit Gym Edition, is available now in the iOS App Store.  The free application is packed with a short sample video, so you can give the speed-interactivity a test drive.  It is compatible with treadmills, bikes, and ellipticals.  Ten full-length Virtual Active Run videos are available as in-app purchases for $7.99 a piece.  We plan to add more features, more content, and new experiences to this fantastic new platform in the coming year.

Please note that the application includes large video files, and the download time will greatly exceed that of most iOS apps.

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