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Learn French and Get Fit with Connect18

Posted by Ruben Grijalva on April 06, 2012 (0 Comments)

Connect18 is an innovative mind-body fitness program designed to bring physical training, world travel, and learning together for a powerful multimedia exercise experience.  The program alternates intervals of high-intensity road segments that challenge the body, and lower-intensity learning tours that engage the mind.  With Connect18 you’ll get a workout, take a trip, and learn about a language, culture, or subject of interest.

The French Caribbean Tour is a six-part series that takes you to the island of Guadaloupe, where you'll learn about the local culture, environment, and language, all in the course of a moderate interval workout.  Full of colorful characters, beautiful roads, and immersive French language instruction, the program will make your workout fly by.  You'll even have a chance to test your French in fun, engaging quizzes.  With six forty-five minute workouts for one low price ($39.99 DVD, $29.99 download), The French Caribbean Tour is also a great value.  Bon voyage!

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