HD Downloads Available Now

720p HD downloads are now available for all of our RUN, HIKE, and ICG:World Tour videos. The 1280 x 720 files are more than three times the resolution of our current files, for a crisper, more immersive VA experience. This is the Virtual Active your high definition television has been waiting for.

HD Downloads FAQ

Why are HD downloads better than the regular downloads?
- The substantially higher resolution files will look much cleaner, crisper, and more beautiful on your high definition TV, iPad, or laptop. For a highly visual program like VA, this improves the experience tremendously.

Do they look better than DVD?
- Yes, much better.  They don't, however, offer some of the options available on DVD, such as the ability to stop the music and listen to only the ambient sounds. If these options are important to you, you might want to stick with DVD for now.

Why didn't you offer HD downloads in the first place?
- When we first offered downloads we wanted them to be compatible with video iPods, and this limited our resolution and file size considerably. We also wanted to make sure downloads happened as quickly as possible, and HD files are twice the size of the SD files, and take much longer to download. However, broadband connections are improving, and we thought now was the time to make HD files available. The quality difference is worth the wait.

Why 720p?  Why not 1080p?
- As indicated above, file size and download times are major considerations, and we feel that 720 files strike the right balance between quality and files size. We're sure you'll see the difference between 360p and 720p files, the difference between 720 and 1080 is less obvious.

Are there any downsides to HD?
- As noted above, the download times will be twice as long for each file. This also means they will fill up your device (iPad, laptop hard-drive, etc.) much faster. If you have limited file storage or slow internet, you may want to stick with SD files for now.

I like Compass and Connect18, will these ever be available in HD?
Possibly, if enough people request them.