Behind the Scenes - New Zealand and Australia

It's the question we're most often asked: how do you do that? To answer, we've begun documenting our trips, so that you can get a better idea of what these technically and physically demanding productions entail.  We invite you to enjoy our first Behind the Scenes look, captured during the production of our videos in New Zealand and Sydney, Australia.


  • Wendy Bosher

    I was so excited to see NZ as an option as alot of other places I have never been to so harder to relate to. FYI – NZ has created so many cycle trails/ rides over the last few years. You should come back and do a NZ part 2

  • Peter OGrady

    These are so great. I hope you keep making more of them. I would love some TPC and AT shots if you get a chance. Thanks for these.

  • Christina Sword

    Wow. I just did the Swiss Alps hike, and I totally thought this was shot with a drone. I was on a mountain goat trail on the side of a cliff, I swear, I had to hold on to my treadmill several times out of instinct not to fall off the cliff. Thanks for going the extra mile to those hard to reach spots, getting your feet wet through the creek, etc.. really very cool…. like I said, I assumed this was shot with a drone!

  • rob kallstrom

    Thank you for the beautiful videos!! They really help me get through my 60 min cardio 6 times a week! Look forward to seeing some new ones at my Woodbury Lifetime Fitness.

  • Melody

    I have ran or walked through all the Lifescape courses available in the treadmills at my workplace gym. Not a big fan of treadmills, but they are a nice option during a New England winter. These courses are a great help in making the time on the treadmill go quicker. Was always so curious how they were filmed. There is so little “jiggle” — I never imagined the camera was strapped to a runner. Thought for sure it was some sort of a drone with a camera! Can new courses be “downloaded” to the treadmills? I’d love it if there were new courses available. Thanks for sharing all your tricks.

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