Behind the Scenes - New Zealand and Australia

It's the question we're most often asked: how do you do that? To answer, we've begun documenting our trips, so that you can get a better idea of what these technically and physically demanding productions entail.  We invite you to enjoy our first Behind the Scenes look, captured during the production of our videos in New Zealand and Sydney, Australia.


  • Paul

    Great videos. You need to come to Wales guys

  • Carol Sottili

    Been working out to the New Zealand run for the past few weeks. Can you tell us exactly where you are in New Zealand? I want to go there and recreate it!

  • Kelly

    Everytime I use the Virtual Active, I always wonder how you capture the videos with such a smooth glide and after wondering if you were walking or running, figured you must use a drone or some other tool. I very much appreciate all the hard work that goes into these videos; it’s crazy to think someone is running up hill with this equipment and keeping it so steady. I have also been inspired by these virtual visits to add more destinations on my bucket list! Thank you! I have two question: how are you leagally able to film real people? Do you get their consent before or after shooting, or is it not needed? And secondly, I thought I remember seeing a volcanic trail in New Zealand. Was this the same one that just erupted?! If so, your video footage is priceless.

  • John Hoopes

    We just some new LifeFitness equipment at our gym. The videos are stunning and help the time to go by quickly. Thank you for the video content and hopefully you guys can get the funding to go around the globe!

  • Wendy Bosher

    I was so excited to see NZ as an option as alot of other places I have never been to so harder to relate to. FYI – NZ has created so many cycle trails/ rides over the last few years. You should come back and do a NZ part 2

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