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Download To iTunes

If you want to play your new Virtual Active video on your iPad or iPhone:

Having trouble downloading a file? See our downloading step-by-step guide.

Step 1: Add Your Video To iTunes

After you locate the video on your hard drive, click and drag the video file into your iTunes library.  For example, my video is in my “Downloads” folder (it might be different on your computer) which looks like:

Step 2: View Your Video in iTunes

You can view the video in iTunes by clicking on the “TV Shows” tab under “Library” on the left panel of iTunes.  iTune’s center panel will show you all of the tv shows you have in your library, including all of your Virtual Active videos.  For example, this is how my iTunes looked after I added “American Northeast Advanced Cycle” to my iTunes Library:

Step 3: Select Your iPad/iPhone

If you haven't already, connect your iPad/iPhone to your computer with an Apple Dock Connector to USB cable.  Select your iPad/iPhone by clicking on it in the “Devices” tab on the left panel of iTunes. iTune’s center panel will show your device summary screen.  For example, this is how my iTunes looked after selecting “VirtualActive’s iPad” (the name of my device) under the “Devices” tab:

Step 4: Set Your Sync Options

To make sure your Virtual Active video syncs to your iPad/iPhone, click the “TV Shows” tab that is across the top of the device summary screen. This will bring up the options for syncing TV shows to the selected device. For example, this is how my iTunes looked when I selected the “TV Shows” tab:

With the “Sync TV Shows” box checked, all the tv shows in your iTunes library will sync to your iPad, including Virtual Active videos.  You can also setup custom sync options, such as syncing only selected episodes, syncing only recent episodes, or syncing only unwatched episodes.  These options will become more important to understand when your iPad/iPhone is running out of disc space.  For more information on how to use iTunes and sync media to an iPad/iPhone, please refer to Apple’s iTunes online support.