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Downloads Step-by-Step

If you are having trouble getting it onto your computer:

Note: You cannot download our video directly to an iPad. If you would like to view your video on an iPad/iPhone you need to follow the steps in Download To iTunes Guide.

Step 1: Find Your Download Email

Once you have purchased a download from our store, you will receive 2 emails from us. The first email will be the receipt for your purchase and the second will contain the link for your download(s). Open the email with the subject “Downloads For Order XXXX”, where the XXXX is your order number. For example, my inbox looks like this:

Step 2: The Download Email

Click the link in your download email. If clicking the link does not work, you can copy and paste it into your browser. For example, my email looks like:

Step 3: The Download Website

Clicking the link on the Download Website will start your download. For example, my download pages looks like:

Step 4: Download the Video

Your video will download to your web browser‘s download destination as a zipped file (exampleRun.zip). Depending on your internet connection, the files might take a while to download (approximately an hour per video). If you are having trouble downloading a file on Internet Explorer, we recommend using Firefox, because it has the ability to resume downloads. For example, my zipped file looks like this on my computer:

Step 5: Unzip the File

Double click on the zipped file to unzip it. If your operating system does not automatically unzip the file you can download a free unzipping program. For example, my unzipping process looks like this:

Step 6: Your Video File

You should now have 2 files in your downloads folder. The zipped file (.zip) and the video file (.mp4). You can discard the .zip file if you want, the video file does not depend on the zipped file once it has been unpacked. Double click the video file to play it in your default media player, or see our iTunes guide if you would like to add it to iTunes. For example, my 2 files look like this: